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 Application of a short-legged, dress-wearing holy guy.

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PostSubject: Application of a short-legged, dress-wearing holy guy.   Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:44 am

Greetings, good people of the BotE.

My name's Eivör, I'm a dwarf by race, priest by trade and crazy engineer in my spare time. I heard you were looking for healers, and decided to apply for that position. But enough wit the chitchat, here's my application:

Character name/race/class
Eivör, Squishy Dorf Healing Person (holy/discipline priest) and Goblin Engineer Extraordinaire.

Talent build
28 / 30 / 0

Please explain why you have chosen your talent build and what you consider to be it's strengths and weaknesses.
I've been aiming for a good mixture of healing power, mana efficiency and group utility, and I feel I've found that in my current build. Silent Resolve might be a bit redundant when focusing purely on 25-man raids, but right now I simply can't find a better place to put those points.

Would you be willing to respecc for the good of the guild and discuss your build with officers who have the proper knowledge?
Of course, I always appreciate input on my build and playing style. I've been thinking of going all-out holy several times, but I've always held back because I didn't want to loose Divine Spirit and Mental Strength. Losing them would severely harm my mana pool and regeneration, as well as the healing and spell power of the entire raid.

Comments regarding your gear setup, is there a plan behind it, i.e. more emphasis on AP than hit or is it randomly put together because it was the best you could find?
As with my talent build, I'm aiming for a good mixture of stats with my gear. Healing Power and Mana Regen have a slight priority to me, followed closely by Spirit, Intellect and Stamina. I wouldn't say my gear is randomly put together, but it IS the best I've so far been able to get my hands on.

How many nights per week can you attend raids? (Current 25-man raid days are tuesday, thursday, sunday)
Typically 5-6 nights per week. I work part time in the evenings and weekends, but only 1-2 shifts per week. It shouldn't interfere too much with my raiding schedule.

Prior raid experience and raid guild / raid community.
The only pre-TBC raid experience I have was with the Dark Star Alliance, or DSA in short. I joined them when they were struggling with Garr in Molten Core, and was part of their healing team all the way through the old-world raid content, up to Razzuvious in Naxxramas. At that point Christmas 2006 was knocking at the door, followed by the expansion with its 25-man raids and, sadly, the disbanding of the DSA.

At level 70 I joined some old DSA friends in the Cult of Loot and started raiding Karazhan. We never really got the hang of it though, and people started leaving again fairly quickly.

After a summer break from WoW I once again joined forces with some former friends in the Keepers of the Pig. We quickly got Karazhan under control and started recruiting people for 25-mans. After quite a struggle to get enough members we entered Gruul's Lair, killing Maulgar on the first night and Gruul on the second. Shortly after we moved on to Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern, killing the Void Reaver on our first night, but never really getting the hang of the Lurker. Three bosses in Zul'Aman have also been killed: The Bear, the Eagle and the Lynx.

Reason for leaving your prior raid guild / raid community.
I'm not sure how or why it happened, but after Christmas KotP has all but fallen apart. Raids have been cancelled, some people have left, and others have just stopped showing up. Lately we've been raiding ZA for progression (if there were properly geared tanks available) and Karazhan with alts. As much as I love the community, that just isn't enough. Hence this application.

How important is loot to you? And why?
Loot is important to me in the sense that if I get better gear, the guild/community gets better as a whole. My focus is on progression and having a great time, and loot is simply a means to an end.

Do you agree with our policies? And our expectations of being prepared for every raid?
Everything is read and agreed to. If members aren't prepared, it hampers the raid. It's as simple as that. I always bring more than enough reagents, elixirs, healing food and usually a stack of Crawdads for the tanks too. I expect everyone else to do the same, or at the very least make sure they have the basic consumables covered.

Tell us the basic facts about yourself in real life (age, nationality, hobbies etc).
The guy behind Eiv is called Jonas, I'm 23 years old and living in Aalborg, Denmark with my girlfriend (who's applying as Glalyn). I'm currently studying Politics and Public Administration at the university, and work part time at a 7-Eleven store and petrol station.

I've always been a computer kind of guy (I think they call us geeks), and I started playing WoW about a month after it hit the shelves in Europe. And well, I've been doing that for about 3 years now, give or take a few months.

How did you hear about BotE and what are you expectations of the guild?
I was searching the realm forums, found your recruitment thread and decided to take a look. BotE seems like a friendly but serious business, with active, mature members who know what they're doing and why they're doing it. Just my kind of place. Wink

Do you know anyone inside BotE who can vouch for you?
Indeed I do, I've raided with Palakwak, Minika and Ishikengo before they left KotP.

Do you feel we've missed something you want to add?
I'd post a link to my Armory page, but it seems I don't have the rights to do so... If you want to check my gear and/or exact talent build, and have trouble with the "ö", I suggest looking up my current guild Vetus Amicitia and finding me through that.
Also, I have several alts on Argent Dawn, including two lvl 70s and two lvl 64s. Ashar, my elemental shaman, is the only one attuned to Karazhan though.

Well, that'll be enough from me. Sorry if it may seem like a wall of text, I kinda like to pay attention to details and not tell half a story... Hope you'll consider my application.


- Eiv
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PostSubject: Re: Application of a short-legged, dress-wearing holy guy.   Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:47 am

or copy paste your name from this post and put it in the armory... Laughing

Same goes for you as i replied to your girlfriend. we'll be in touch
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PostSubject: Re: Application of a short-legged, dress-wearing holy guy.   Wed Feb 20, 2008 9:26 am

Quote :
or copy paste your name from this post and put it in the armory... Laughing

The K.I.S.S. Design Philosophy: "Keep It Simple, Stupid!"

I knew I should've listened to my IT teacher back in high school...
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PostSubject: Re: Application of a short-legged, dress-wearing holy guy.   Wed Feb 20, 2008 1:49 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Application of a short-legged, dress-wearing holy guy.   

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Application of a short-legged, dress-wearing holy guy.
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