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 Raerlin - Mage

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PostSubject: Raerlin - Mage   Sat Apr 12, 2008 9:53 am

Character name/race/class Ė Raerlin, human - mage

Talent build, i.e.
10/48/3 - Fire

Please explain why you have chosen your talent build and what you consider to be it's strengths and weaknesses.

Iím PvE player and this is PvE build. Points are spent to maximize DPS, reducte enemy resistance and to save as much mana as possible.
Advantage: High DPS
Disadvantage: Iím vulnereable to death

Would you be willing to respecc for the good of the guild and discuss your build with officers who have the proper knowledge?

Iím open for advices. However, I have got spellfire set and respect for frost may be problem.

Comments regarding your gear setup, is there a plan behind it, i.e. more emphasis on AP than hit or is it randomly put together because it was the best you could find?

Gear is set to have possibly high crit rating, gems are for spell hit and damage.

How many nights per week can you attend raids? (Current 25-man raid days are tuesday, thursday, sunday)

Iím able almost everyday during week. However some Saturdays may be problem because Iím student in weekends school and Iím sleeping in hotel then.

Prior raid experience and raid guild / raid community. I was member of Hooligans and Iíve done whole Karazhan and Gruulís Lair with them.

I had to leave because Iím not able to raid weekends about 3PM

How important is loot to you? And why? So, loot is important.

I think everyone wants to improve gear. But my priority is to get experience and to have a fun while raids.

Do you agree with our policies? And our expectations of being prepared for every raid?

Of course I do. Iím always prepared for raids. I use flasks, food, oils etc.

Tell us the basic facts about yourself in real life (age, nationality, hobbies etc).

My name is Marcin and Iím 24. I live in Poland. In my spare time I like to.. play WoW of course RPG games like Warhammer, AD&D, football. Iím also a guitarist in rock band.

How did you hear about BotE and what are you expectations of the guild?

My friend told my about BotE. I expecting that Iíll be part of guild that make a progress.

Do you know anyone inside BotE who can vouch for you?

Unfortunetly I donít know anyone.

Do you feel we've missed something you want to add?

Here is my armory link:

I use Bongos (to improve interface - to have needed abilities as close as possible in different situations), Mage eye (to have CC under controle), Omen, Decursive, Big Wings and some less important addons.

Thanks for reading this applyÖ I know that your mage slot is closed. But if you someday need a mage, let me know
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PostSubject: mistakes   Sat Apr 12, 2008 9:59 am

Instead of "?" should be smiles... Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Raerlin - Mage   Sat Apr 12, 2008 10:24 am

Well I'm not yet in guild but I think I'll just say that this dude can do some nice dps. We were in Kara some times and in Heroic MgT. Nice guy. Gieff him ! :>
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PostSubject: Re: Raerlin - Mage   Sun Apr 13, 2008 11:36 pm

Hi Raerlin

Thanks for you apply, the leaders will look into it, discuss it, and get back to you after that.

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PostSubject: .   Mon Apr 14, 2008 4:50 pm

Since I'm a bit lazy tonight I will copy paste this reply from the other mage application

Thing is when it comes to mages, we have asked an old friend to join, who recently came back to the game and we are awaiting his reply, so until then we won't invite any mages but we'll of course take applications, they will just be put on hold until we've received a reply from our friend.

We'll give you a straight answer as soon as we know more about the situation.


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PostSubject: Re: Raerlin - Mage   Mon Apr 28, 2008 5:48 pm

Hello and sorry for the late reply
We will have to turn your application down due to our mage spots being full at the moment.
Please feel free to reapply if we get an open spot
Have fun and good luck

/ Sedana
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PostSubject: Re: Raerlin - Mage   

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Raerlin - Mage
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