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 Palisar - Human Warlock

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PostSubject: Palisar - Human Warlock   Palisar - Human Warlock Icon_minitimeThu Aug 07, 2008 3:56 pm

Character name/race/class

Talent build, Affli 52/9/0

Please explain why you have chosen your talent build and what you consider to be it's strengths and weaknesses.

The strengths of the affliction Build is its high output of shadow damage, and the Tallent Malefition or something like that increase the Effects of Curse of Elements but 3% increasing the output of all elemental and shadow users . The Tallent Dark Pact also comes in handy for whenever you need to recharge your mana in other words Mana never really runs out

Would you be willing to respec for the good of the guild and discuss your build with officers who have the proper knowledge?

[b[Comments regarding your gear setup, is there a plan behind it, i.e. more emphasis on AP than hit or is it randomly put together because it was the best you could find?[/b]

At the moment Im trying to focus on Hit rating and DPS, im still working on getting the last my gear enchanted

If your standard gear do not give you a raid buffed hp of 10k (no Blood Pact) or more, do you have raid quality gear to swap in to bring it to this amount of above?

Yes(My standard gear does bring me above 10k HP

What resistance gear sets do you have?

Do you have your lvl 70 Medallion of the Alliance?

How many nights per week can you attend raids? (Current 25-man raid days are tuesday, wednesday, thursday, sunday)
On all of those days

Prior raid experience and raid guild / raid community.
Gruul, Kara, Maggy (Complete) ZA, SSC (Unfinished)

Reason for leaving your prior raid guild / raid community.
Moving far too slow Only raiding kara (I'm mostly joining PuG groups)

How important is loot to you? And why?
Gear is V important to me if i require it to enhance my character but normal loot im not too pushed about

Do you agree with our policies? And our expectations of being prepared for every raid?

Tell us the basic facts about yourself in real life (age, nationality, hobbies etc).
Im 20 Irish and I enjoy music, gaming, and hanging out with friends

How did you hear about BotE and what are you expectations of the guild?
I heard of them from a friend well a member of BotE who i know is a Good player
and my expectations are quite High for the Guild

Do you know anyone inside BotE who can vouch for you?
Rothinn (The Pink Huntard)

Do you feel we've missed something you want to add?
My bonus damage is 936 self-buffed
Hit rating 95
Crit chance 11.19(Low)

Thank you for applying to Blood of the Elders!
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PostSubject: Re: Palisar - Human Warlock   Palisar - Human Warlock Icon_minitimeThu Aug 07, 2008 4:44 pm

Shouldn't gem for crit if you're hit is still low, noticed you have +spell haste too, spell haste is only useful if you have a large amout of haste rating stacked, otherwise, its just wasted. Penetration is only for PvP, doesnt work for PvE. *aside from the bosses which have res* but anyway, im sure you know of this anyway.

A bit of regemming and you'll be fine.

Anyway good luck with the App.
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PostSubject: .   Palisar - Human Warlock Icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2008 7:31 pm

hey mate. Sorry for the delay. We're gonna turn you down because of your gear, some pieces are ok but in general you would have to upgrade your blue pieces. You also have some pvp epics instead of pure pve gear.

You are however welcome to reapply if you work on your gear and get some upgrades.

Thanks for applying and good luck with your future raiding.

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PostSubject: Re: Palisar - Human Warlock   Palisar - Human Warlock Icon_minitime

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Palisar - Human Warlock
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