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 Holy paladin

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PostSubject: Holy paladin   Holy paladin Icon_minitimeSun Mar 02, 2008 4:04 pm

hello My chars name is Maom. he is a human holy paladin.

Hes talent build is 41/20/0

i have this specc due to that im playing arena whit some mates atm but i can always change for the better.

My gear setup so far is 3/5 t4 and almost all kara epics there is for a paladin eaven got some gruul stuff.I have about 1900 healing unbuffed.I can attend all nights of your raiding couse have put all irl stuff aside those days eaven before when i was whit the shattratsocialclub raidingcommunity so thats great =)

my raiding experience are karazan been there since june 07 or some like that and downed grull multiple times, been unlucky at maga, downed first 2 bosses in SSC. i have none pre tbc experience since i started to play far after all others

little about my self now well im a 19 year old male living in a small village called kristdala in sweden, hobbies are my floorball, wow and poker whit my friends. im studying nurseprogramm it called i think.

I heard you where looking for a holy paladin from grimzor a mate ingame for me. my expectation are friendly and great pve players =)

Dont know if he wanna vulch for me though but thats my application hope you chat whit me ingame
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PostSubject: :o   Holy paladin Icon_minitimeSun Mar 02, 2008 5:11 pm

Missed a few bits here and there.. il try to fill em as good as i can .. (( forced him to make the apply pretty late)) :p
Armory link

Good fella with a nice attitude most of the times. Also a former neighbour.. so if needed i can go over there and teatch him some manners.. Wink

Anyhow welcome to BOTE forums and goodluck with the application ..
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PostSubject: Re: Holy paladin   Holy paladin Icon_minitimeMon Mar 03, 2008 1:52 am

Hello and welcome to the forums.

Could you still fill in this template and answer all the question? thank you very much

is where the template is
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PostSubject: Holy paladin   Holy paladin Icon_minitimeMon Mar 03, 2008 5:10 am

Character Maom/Human/Paladin

Talent build, i.e. 41/20/0.

Please explain why you have chosen your talent build and what you consider to be it's strengths and weaknesses.
Mine talent build is for healing in arena since i play whit some irl mates. The strenght whit this specc is less duration whit silence and more fear resist chance. The weeknes is a lesser BoW and more mana expensive cleanse.

Would you be willing to respecc for the good of the guild and discuss your build with officers who have the proper knowledge?
I would love to talk a specc whit those more experienced and i am willing to respecc for the greater good in Raidcommunity

Comments regarding your gear setup, is there a plan behind it, i.e. more emphasis on AP than hit or is it randomly put together because it was the best you could find? My gear setup is pretty good missing one epic from kara thats the libram. im messing mine t4 pants from gruul thats about that. Other wise im pretty good geared in my opinion.
Can't say there is a plan behind my gear setup just mostly plate and some nice spell critt and i think i have succeded whit that.

How many nights per week can you attend raids? (Current 25-man raid days are tuesday, thursday, sunday)
I can attend all your raiding nights since those where the days i raided before =)

Prior raid experience and raid guild / raid community.
My raiding experience are only after Tbc so i got experience from Karazan/ Gruul/ Ssc and maga.

Reason for leaving your prior raid guild / raid community.
The Guild im in now is only for fun raiding karazan , the reason im leaving is i seek more experience in 25 man raids
and i know the guild i am in now never will get to 25 man raid.

How important is loot to you? And why?
Loot is not so important to me since im willing to pass for the greater good. That means if someone is less furtune then me gear ways i will pass it to him. so we get better not just only me.

Do you agree with our policies? And our expectations of being prepared for every raid?
Yes i aggre whit all since it was so as i have done before. and im no spammer of any kind, dont ninja loot.

Tell us the basic facts about yourself in real life (age, nationality, hobbies etc).
Well about my self. Okey im living and my parents house im soon to 19 years old, still in school. im studying the nurse programm i think the right words are for it. Im from a samll village in Sweden. hobbies are Floorball, poker and wow

How did you hear about BotE and what are you expectations of the guild?
I heard about BotE from grimzor and that you were looking for a holy pally like me.

Do you know anyone inside BotE who can vouch for you?
I know grimzor think he might vounch for me =)

Do you feel we've missed something you want to add?
i dont link mine wow-armory since grimzor have linked it allready.
I would love a chat in game if your willing to sacrifice your time for one like me.

best regards Maom
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PostSubject: Re: Holy paladin   Holy paladin Icon_minitime

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Holy paladin
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