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 Rogue application *Declined*

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Rogue application *Declined* Empty
PostSubject: Rogue application *Declined*   Rogue application *Declined* Icon_minitimeSun Mar 09, 2008 7:41 am

Character name/race/class
Sinflury, Human, Rogue

Talent build, i.e. X/X/X.
At the moment 17/0/41 Shadowstep; but before that I raided quite some time with a 20/41/0 raiding build

Please explain why you have chosen your talent build and what you consider to be it's strengths and weaknesses.
At the moment I'm pvp speced, as my raiding community recently disbanded - However if I resume raiding I will spec back to 20/41/0 because combat puts out the most damage in PvE, with Adrealine Rush you can really deal out some nasty damage rather quickly. And your finishers can't miss anymore, along with various other increases in the output of damage - I believe this is an ideal raiding build but i'm always open for suggestions and pointers.

Would you be willing to respecc for the good of the guild and discuss your build with officers who have the proper knowledge?

Comments regarding your gear setup, is there a plan behind it, i.e. more emphasis on AP than hit or is it randomly put together because it was the best you could find?
A mix between AP & crit would best describe my gearl; but I didn't aim for that by eliminating other gear - it was basicly the best gear I came across.

How many nights per week can you attend raids? (Current 25-man raid days are tuesday, thursday, sunday)
depending on the week (I'm in college so sometimes I have a lot of free time on my hands, and sometimes I'm studying my ass off, though the later is rather unlikely) Anywhere from 2-4 raids a week (min-max)

Prior raid experience and raid guild / raid community.
Raided GL & Karazhan, both cleared. No first hand TK / SSC experiences, but I have heard a lot about it from rl mates and have watched them raiding there before - best be honest and say I'm new to that scene myself.

Reason for leaving your prior raid guild / raid community.
it disbanded unfortunatly

How important is loot to you? And why?
It's not *that* important, but I won't say it has no value - the experience of raiding means a lot more but in order to properly function within that raid, gear is a fundemental factor in the equasion which determines whether the raid is succesful.

Do you agree with our policies? And our expectations of being prepared for every raid?
Ofcourse, every raider should stock up potions, bandages, poisens or any other reagents prior to the raid and start travelling there - purely for the other 9/24 people who have to wait for that one persons who's slowing everyone down.

Tell us the basic facts about yourself in real life (age, nationality, hobbies etc).
Almost 20; Belgian (but my english isn't too shabby); playing pool with mates at least once a week (have to defend my tittle Wink )

How did you hear about BotE and what are you expectations of the guild?
Heard from it from Winterheart, a shadow priest who recently applied and he's a good mate of mine - and i thougth I'd take my chance and apply as well.

Do you know anyone inside BotE who can vouch for you?

Do you feel we've missed something you want to add?
I like pie
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Rogue application *Declined* Empty
PostSubject: .   Rogue application *Declined* Icon_minitimeSun Mar 09, 2008 12:17 pm

Hey Sinflury.

At the moment we're not bringing in any more rogues. There are only three of us in the guild, but the three of us are very active and have acquired quite good gear, and we're not really bringing more than 2 rogues for every raid, which means that 2 rogues are already rotating to get spots. I don't think they would be too happy about getting even more competition.

At the moment we'll have to say no, but we'll keep you in mind if the need for rogues would arise.

Rogue application *Declined* 5130934RyLPj

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Rogue application *Declined*
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