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 Rockhard, Warlock/ Chevalier, mage

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Rockhard, Warlock/ Chevalier, mage Empty
PostSubject: Rockhard, Warlock/ Chevalier, mage   Rockhard, Warlock/ Chevalier, mage Icon_minitimeWed Oct 08, 2008 12:37 pm

Rockhard, Gnome Warlock

Chevalier, Goat mage

(note that im applying with 2 chars) the reason being that I want to raid again and the char you are in need of or you feel can benefit the group more will be the choice.

first i would like to say that chevalier was/is my main raiding char and the specc i would go for would no doubt be 2/48/11 fire, I have tried out (i think) all the possible ways to specc a mage and this has always given me the highest amount of dps putput (1800+dps on teron gorefiend)

with rockhard i would most likely go 0/21/40 destruction as the dps output is amazing, Rockhard is the char i love to pvp with and the one i find most enjoyable to play. (until i discovered model edititing that made my not so handsome goat a new experience. but as far as destruction goes i do like to play as Unsable afflicion aswell.

I have no problem whatsoever respeccing for any raid or spesific encounter.

Rockhard: ... n=Rockhard

Chevalier: ... =Chevalier

Rockhards gear is a mix of s4 items badge TK/SSC gear,

In destruction gear my stats look a bit like this (selfbuffed)
spellhit: 206
spell dmg 1076
crit: 22.60%

in affliiction gear the stats are following
spellhit: 132
spel dmg:1206
spell crit: 16.06%

Chevaliers gear is mainly parts from hyjal summit or black temple (with a few exeptions). chevalier posseses full shadow resistens set (including the necklace from the attune)
he is exalted with Scale of the sands and has the exalted caster ring. (also exalted with the ashtounge deathsworn)

spellhit: 165 (overcapped+dranei aura)
spell dmg: 1100 (1151 fire)
spell crit: (frost specc atm so i wont get the exact %) but somewhere around 34% crit

I see now problem with your times of raiding and will be able to attend every raid.

I have been a member of Rising for a year now, I started raiding with them in the early TK/SSC days i have been there since the first KaelThas kill following every first kill from there upto Gurtogg bloodboil.
when Age of Conan came we lost alot of our main raid force and when summer came that was pretty much the reason for leaving would that i want to see everything there is before wotlk is released.

loot isnt really an issue as what i want is too see new things i make do with the items i have and recieve under the time it takes me get to where i want.

i have nothing to add to your policies and rules i totally agree.

My name is Nicklas im 19 and i live in Sweden. i just graduated from school this year, besides world of warcraft i practice Judo (been doing so since i was 6years old) i love to go out with friends and in general have a good time.

ive seen you around alot in the major cities and i think i used to play 2v2 with someone from BoTE a while back.

i know oakenar from way back, and Erektoor from when he was in Inner circle.

i run a 24mb/t dsl and a decent comp, got an avarge of 90-120 ms with 40-60 fps

if theres anything else youd like to know about me just gimmi a poke ingame, other than that i look forward hearing from you.
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Rockhard, Warlock/ Chevalier, mage Empty
PostSubject: .   Rockhard, Warlock/ Chevalier, mage Icon_minitimeWed Oct 08, 2008 12:52 pm

hey man, at the moment I don't think we have room for any warlocks or mages, gonna run that by the other officers just in case, see what they feel. But I can safely say now that we're keeping recruitment low before the patch and Wotlk. In case we reject this application you are welcome to reapply later on when the expansion is out.

Rockhard, Warlock/ Chevalier, mage 5130934RyLPj

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Rockhard, Warlock/ Chevalier, mage Empty
PostSubject: Rockhard, Warlock/ Chevalier, mage   Rockhard, Warlock/ Chevalier, mage Icon_minitimeThu Oct 09, 2008 8:22 am

sounds fair enough, thanks for the fast reply let me know on the forum or ingame if theres a spot man
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Rockhard, Warlock/ Chevalier, mage Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rockhard, Warlock/ Chevalier, mage   Rockhard, Warlock/ Chevalier, mage Icon_minitime

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Rockhard, Warlock/ Chevalier, mage
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